IDA International is one of the largest organizations that lend assistance to the poorest countries in the world.  More than half of these countries are situated on the continent of Africa.  We are the single, largest, source that generates donor funds that goes to the support of basic social services in these poor countries.

We are a multi-issue organization, which only means that we support a wide range of activities that deals with the development of economic growth, job creation, equality, higher income and overall better living conditions. Our work also includes the creating of better living conditions, the providing of basic health services, and sanitation.

We also provide support for infrastructure development in health and education, agriculture, institutional, and economic growth in the poorest of countries.  Hundreds of millions of people will escape extreme poverty through our input in creating jobs for all.

IDA International provides funding for the most complex and also difficult challenges that exists in poverty stricken countries.  Funding can mean, access to clean water, (or maybe any water at all) electricity, schools, health and nutrition, roads, and many more fundamental, everyday, needs.

Lending out money on concessional terms, means that we charge, either, zero or a very low interest rate and our repayments can be stretched from 25 up to 40 years.  Repayments can have a 5 to 10 year period of grace.  Countries that are at risk of debt distress can be provided with grants to help support them.

Additional to the grants and concessional loans, our organization also provides debt relief to indebted countries.