What can you do to do your part to help end World Poverty?

Poverty is something that is passed on from one generation to the next generation, much like heirlooms passed along by families.  To break this cycle of poverty, communities, families, and children need to be taught skills on how to accomplish this break.

3 Tools to that can end poverty:

  1. Quality Education; will provide children with life skills and knowledge to be able to realize their full potential. It is essential to create a change in the normal way of things.
  2. Accessible health care; in order for children to grow up strong and healthy. Communities need help to build health centers and train health workers.
  3. Freshwater and sanitation; both are essential for a child to grow up healthy. Building school latrines and supplying community water points will ensure better health.  These water points should also be managed and maintained well.

3 Ways you can also partake in ending poverty:

  1. Sponsor a Child: Millions of children grow up with the lack of access to basic necessities, lack of essential nutrition, lack of health care, and a lack of education.  Sponsoring, or supporting, a child will provide them with the necessary resources to survive and raise their standard of living.  Begin the cycle of change; help a child, and help the community.
  2. Sponsor a Project: Sponsoring a project is a unique way of supporting community-based and child-centerd projects that will tackle some of the greatest issues in the world.
  3. Sponsor a Community: Developing communities and teaching them the skills to become self-sufficient, and developing the tools that they need to survive, will have a great impact.  You can support solutions that will include education, nutrition, clean water, and healthcare as well as gender equality.

These are a few of the ways you can also do your part to fight world poverty and helping communities in developing countries to become self-sufficient.