Top 5 Organizations Confronting the Complex and Difficult Problems of Poverty and Hunger in Poor Countries

Alleviating the poverty in the many poor countries all over the world is the core mission of many organizations.  One of the difficulties going hand-in-hand with poverty is hunger.  Poverty stricken countries cannot support the infrastructures needed to provide the necessary, basic needs of their people.

This is where the groups and organizations working to alleviate hunger and poverty come into play.  These groups of people provide services that gather food, mostly donated by businesses, communities and also through action groups, working to get donations to distribute.

Many of these organizations and groups also work towards raising awareness of the hunger and poverty that is influencing people of poor countries.  They also aim to inspire others towards helping to raise funds, to donate funds or to find other innovative ways to help alleviate these difficult problems.

Organizations, Anti-Hunger groups and Food Banks helping countries in need:

  1. The Hunger Project; is an organization that teaches life skills, empowering people to become self-reliant and to builds better lives and futures for their children. This project work with low-income and rural populations by teaching them life skills and sustaining behaviours that will help them overcome difficult issues.  They don’t just distribute food.
  2. Hunger Relief International; is an organization that works worldwide to relief the hunger in poor communities. They do not only meet the immediate need for food, but also teach self-sufficiency.  The hope is that this approach will help people to meet their necessities for nutritious food, clean water, and healthcare.
  3. Hunger Free Communities Network; is a group of institutions with the aim to ensure that nobody goes hungry. They also help other organizations in their administering of hunger aid.
  4. United Communities Against Poverty; works towards increasing awareness of poverty around the world, while helping to ease the poverty burden imposed on so many around the world.
  5. Spotlight on Poverty; feels that the best way to combat poverty and hunger worldwide is through research and changing political policy in a way to ease the burden by working together. While they physically feed poor families, they work to provide opportunities to help them, help themselves.

There are still many more organizations that are making the alleviation of poverty and hunger the main mission in their daily workings.