Treating Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is often caused by something that inflames or irritates the nasal tissues.

Treating Nasal Congestion

Infections such as sinusitis, colds or flu are common causes of nose congestion and often produce runny noses.

In more extreme cases, irritants such as cigarette smoke or air pollution can cause a runny and congested nose. The inflammation and swelling of the nose are calling rhinosinusitis, and it occurs when the mucus lining in the nose thickens and becomes thick and sticky. This thick mucus coating traps particles of allergens, which can cause inflammation and even inflammation of the sinuses.

This congestion is most commonly experienced by those who suffer from allergy-related rhinosinusitis. Some other causes of congestion may include sinus drainage, sinus infections, colds and flu, and nasal polyps (invisible growths in the nasal passages).

Treating Nasal Congestion

If the cause of the congestion is sinus infection, treatment will be aimed at reducing inflammation and eliminating the infection.

Nasal sprays and ointments can help alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion. If you have sinus problems, it’s recommended that you avoid smoking as well as using nasal sprays or lotions if you don’t already.

Nasal sprays and ointments are available in both prescription and over-the-counter forms. Nasal sprays and ointments are generally considered to be more effective than creams, although many people find that these products are not as effective as they were designed to be. Nasal sprays and ointments usually relieve the symptoms of the congestion within 15 minutes.

A cold compress can also be helpful for relieving symptoms of congestion.

Treating Nasal Congestion

It can provide temporary relief and is often used for relief of cold symptoms. A cold compress helps to relieve nasal congestion because it increases blood flow through the nose and it also provides an instant relief from any congestion. In most cases, a cold compress will only relieve the symptoms of congestion, however, and won’t actually cure the problem.

While nasal sprays and ointments are very effective for many people, they should not be used by all. The symptoms of congestion can sometimes be so severe that no medicine or over-the-counter medication will be effective.

In some cases, nasal congestion may also cause you to snore, have a runny nose or feel a burning sensation when breathing.

Treating Nasal Congestion

If your symptoms do not improve after using the above treatments, then it is best to visit your doctor or ENT specialist for further advice on the problem.

For some people, nasal sprays and ointments work better. They are especially effective for people suffering from chronic sinusitis. Those with severe symptoms may need to take a more aggressive approach to treating their condition than people with less severe symptoms. Because sinusitis can be quite stubborn, it may take time to get rid of the condition entirely.

There are also some cases where over-the-counter nasal sprays or ointments are not effective.

Treating Nasal Congestion

If this is the case, you may need to see a doctor and ask him or her to prescribe you an over-the-counter medicine such as Preparation H, Advair, or Benadryl.

Treatment of congestion in the nose begins with identifying the exact cause of the congestion. Once this is determined, the doctor can determine the most effective treatment plan. for your particular condition.

For chronic sinusitis, a nasal irrigation device will be used to wash away the mucous membrane buildup in the nasal passages. This device is worn on the bridge of the nose and can provide some relief from the symptoms of congestion.

For people with sinus infections, there are several options available to treat the symptoms of congestion. A decongestant nasal spray can be used to reduce the swelling caused by bacteria, while over the counter medication such as Claritin and Eucerin can be used to ease the symptoms of inflammation.

Treating Nasal Congestion

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