How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

Middle child syndrome is a general feeling that all middle children are somehow different from the other kids at school.

How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

According to some myths, some middle children might have certain traits and personality characteristics as a consequence of being born into a middle family. But in fact, there are many facts to back up the claim of this myth, which has become a popular cause for social anxiety among middle-aged people.

According to some studies conducted by psychologists, middle children tend to be less involved in group activities than their siblings. The reasons behind this may vary widely from one study to another. It may be that they have to take care of their parents and siblings and thus lack the social skills needed for school and college. It may also be that they have less time to spend with friends.

The first step to avoid middle child syndrome is to know the factors behind its occurrence.

How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

Some researchers suggest that the reason middle children are often excluded from school is that their parents have limited knowledge of how to raise children. They fail to understand that children develop at different rates and their learning style is different from that of the other children.

In order to help children with this problem, it is important that you should give them enough attention and care, even if they are not doing something well. Do not make them feel guilty about being in the minority. This will only make them feel unwanted. Instead, make sure they can easily adjust to your presence and they will eventually grow to love you for it.

Another myth about middle child syndrome is that they are somehow inferior because they do not have the social skills of the others.

How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

However, studies show that these children are just as smart as their peers.

If middle child syndrome is a problem for you and your family, you can try counseling sessions with your middle child. Parents of middle children usually experience higher levels of stress due to financial and emotional issues. They need help to solve their problems. Counseling can help them to learn better coping mechanisms such as managing their time, their emotions, and how to communicate effectively with their peers.

If you still think that your middle child is acting out of line, you can try to encourage him or her to develop good social skills by paying attention to his or her interests. Also, keep in mind that you need to provide them with your full support during these sessions.

There are some treatments that will help you with this problem, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting skills training, family therapy, and individual counseling.

How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

In case you are unable to overcome middle child syndrome, you can resort to medication.

Medications are usually prescribed by your pediatrician and are generally used to treat symptoms such as hyperactivity and inattention. However, you need to carefully look at the label and do not use them for long periods of time.

In order to prevent middle child syndrome, you can adopt several parenting techniques to teach your kids about their differences from the rest of the group. Avoid the use of cruel comments, jokes, bullying, and name-calling.

Keep in mind that children tend to like positive feedback and negative feedback will make them more afraid. They are more likely to withdraw and get defensive, especially if they are already being rejected or criticized.

In order to cope with the problems of middle child syndrome, parents also need to be responsible parents. Give your kids some space so they can start their own life away from your house and with their peers. Take care of their own lives and don’t forget to take care of themselves too.

How to Deal With Middle Child Syndrome

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